Senior Fellows


Current Senior Fellows, 2019-2023

Michael J. Solomon, Director 2017- Dean of Rackham Graduate School/Chemical Engineering
Susan Scott Parrish, Chair 2020- English Language and Literature/Program in the Environment
Catherine Badgley 2021-2024 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology/Residential College
David Caron 2021-2024 Romance Languages and Literatures
Gaurav Desai 2021-2024 English Language and Literature
Harley Etienne 2021-2024 Urban Planning
David Gerdes 2021-2024 Physics/Astronomy
Sandra Gunning 2021-2024 American Culture/DAAS
Petra Kuppers 2021-2024 English Language and Literature/Women’s and Gender Studies/Art and Design/Theatre
Jeffrey Lagarias 2021-2024 Mathematics
Artemis Leontis 2021-2024 Classical Studies/Comparative Literature
Michael McGovern 2021-2024 Anthropology
Trivellore Raghunathan 2021-2024 Biostatistics
Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy 2021-2024 Chemistry/Biophysics
Gayle Rubin 2021-2024 Anthropology/Women’s and Gender Studies
Twila Tardif 2021-2024 Psychology
Michael Thouless 2021-2024 Mechanical Engineering
Kentaro Toyama 2021-2024 Information
Felix Warneken 2021-2024 Psychology
Robert Ziff 2021-2024 Chemical Engineering/Complex Systems
Claire Zimmerman 2021-2024 History of Art/Architecture
Naomi André 2019-2023 Women’s Studies/Residential College/DAAS
Andreis Coetzee 2019-2023 Linguistics
Joshua Cole 2019-2023 HIstory
Sara Forsdyke 2019-2023 Classical Studies
Jeffrey Kidd 2019-2023 Human Genetics
Ivette Perfecto 2019-2023 School for the Environment and Sustainability
Scott Campbell 2018-2022 Urban Planning
Gregg Crane 2018-2022 English
Pamela Davis-Kean 2018-2022 Psychology
Laura Ruetsche 2018-2022 Philosophy
Heather Ann Thompson 2018-2022 DAAS/History/Residential College
Honorary Senior Fellows: Former Chairs and Former Deans of the Graduate School
Carol A. Fierke 2015-17 Chemistry
Donald S. Lopez, Jr. 2006-20 Asian Languages and Cultures
Janet A. Weiss 2005-15 School of Business Administration/Public Policy
Earl Lewis 1997-04 Center for Afroamerican and African Studies/History
Kenneth DeWoskin 1990, 1992-93 Asian Languages and Cultures/School of Business Administration
John E. Tropman 1986-88 School of Social Work/School of Business Administration
James Boyd White 1985-05 Law School/English Language and Literature/Classical Studies
Elizabeth Douvan 1983-86 Psychology/Institute for Social Research
David Noel Freedman 1980-82 Near Eastern Studies/Studies in Religion
Arthur Burks 1975-78 Philosophy/Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
John H. D’Arms 1973-78, 1985-95 Classical Studies/History
Former Senior Fellows Currently At the University Of Michigan
Michael Atzmon 2017-21 Nuclear Engineering and Radiologic Sciences/Material Science and Engineering
Omolola Eniola-Adefeso 2017-21 Chemical Engineering/Biomedical Engineering
Ram Mahalingam 2017-21 Psychology/Women’s Studies
Peggy McCracken 2017-21 Comparative Literature/Women’s Studies/Romance Languages/Institute for the Humanities
Douglas Northrop 2017-21 History/Near Eastern Studies
James Simmer 2017-21 Biologic and Materials Sciences/Dental School
Marlyse Baptista 2016-21 Linguistics/Afroamerican and African Studies
Rachel S. Goldman 2016-21 Materials Science and Engineering/Physics/Electrical Engineering
Mark Mizruchi 2016-21 Sociology/Organizational Studies/School of Business
Bhramar Mukherjee 2016-21 Biostatistics
Johannes von Moltke 2016-21 German/Screen Arts and Cultures
Diane Robins 2015-21 Human Genetics/Medical School
Susan Collins 2018-20 Public Policy/Economics
Susan Scott Parrish 2018-20 English Language and Literature/Program in the Environment
Geneviève Zubrzycki 2016-20 Sociology
Robin Queen 2017-19 Linguistics/Honors Program/Germanic Languages and Literatures/English Language and Literature
Eric Bell 2015-19 Astronomy
Gregory Dowd 2015-19 American Culture/History
Michèle Hannoosh 2015-19 Romance Languages
Erik Mueggler 2015-19 Anthropology
Lisa Nakamura 2018-19 American Culture
Mrinalini Sinha 2015-19 History/English Language and Literature/Women’s Studies
Gareth Williams 2015-19 Romance Languages
James A. Cogswell, Jr. 2014-18 Stamps School of Art and Design
Paul C. Johnson 2014-18 Afroamerican and African Studies/History
Terrence J. McDonald 2014-18 History/Bentley Historical Library
Christopher John Ratté 2014-18 History of Art/Classical Studies
David L. Porter 2013-18 English Language and Literature/Comparative Literature
Jonathan Freedman 2013-17 English Language and Literature/American Culture/Judaic Studies
Roderick J. Little 2013-17 School of Public Health/Biostatistics
Mark E. Newman 2013-17 Physics/Complex Systems
Victor J. Strecher 2014-17 School of Public Health/Cancer Center
Sally A. Camper 2012-16 Human Genetics
Gerald F. Davis 2012-16 School of Business/Sociology
Joanna Mirecki Millunchick 2012-16 Materials Science and Engineering
Keith P. Mitnick 2012-16 Architecture and Urban Planning
Helmut Puff 2012-16 Germanic Languages and Literatures
Scott Spector 2012-16 Germanic Languages and Literatures
Edwin A. Bergin 2011-15 Astronomy
Lisa J. Disch 2011-15 Political Science
Susan J. Douglas 2011-15 Communication Studies
Mika LaVaque-Manty 2011-15 Political Science
Enrique Garcia Santo-Tomás 2011-15 Romance Languages and Literatures
Janet Louise Smith 2011-15 Biological Chemistry/Life Sciences Institute
Anthony M. Bloch 2010-14 Mathematics
Pamela Brandwein 2010-14 Political Science
Betsy Foxman 2010-14 School of Public Health/Epidemiology
Yopie Prins 2010-14 Comparative Literature
Louise K. Stein 2010-14 School of Music
John Vandermeer 2010-14 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology/School of Natural Resources and the Environment
Arun Agrawal 2009-13 School of Natural Resources and the Environment
David M. Halperin 2009-13 English/Women’s Studies/Comparative Literature
June Howard 2009-13 English/American Culture/Women’s Studies
Howard Markel 2009-13 History of Medicine/Medical School/School of Public Health
Steven L. Kunkel 2008-12 Medical School/Pathology Research
Fred C. Adams 2007-11 Physics
George Hoffmann 2007-11 Romance Languages and Literatures
Scott E. Page 2007-11 Center for the Study of Complex Systems
Andrew Shryock 2007-11 Anthropology
Daniel C. Fisher 2006-10 Geological Sciences
Bruce W. Frier 2006-10 Classical Studies
Peggy McCracken 2006-10 Romance Languages and Literatures
James E. Penner-Hahn 2006-10 Chemistry/Biophysics
Michael Schoenfeldt 2006-10 English Language and Literature
Elizabeth Wingrove 2006-10 Political Science
Webb Keane 2005-09 Anthropology
Peter A. Railton 2005-09 Philosophy
Abigail J. Stewart 2005-09 Psychology/Women’s Studies
Sarah G. Thomason 2005-09 Linguistics
Susan E. Alcock 2004-05 Classical Studies
Susan M. Juster 2004-08 History
George P. Steinmetz 2004-05 Sociology/Germanic Languages
Mary C. Kelley 2003-07 History/American Culture/Women’s Studies
Valerie A. Kivelson 2003-07 History
Kevin E. Korsyn 2003-07 School of Music
Fatma Muge Gocek 2003-05 Sociology/Women’s Studies
Robert L. Fishman 2002-06 Architecture and Urban Planning
Linda K. Gregerson 2002-06 English Language and Literature
Miriam H. Meisler 2002-06 Human Genetics
Anthony W. England 2001-05 Oceanic and Space Engineering
Joel D. Howell 2001-05 Internal Medicine/Health Management/History
Joel B. Slemrod 2001-05 Economics/School of Business Administration
Valerie J. Traub 2001-05 English Language and Literature/Women’s Studies
Barry George Rabe 2000-04 School of Natural Resources and Environment/School of Public Policy
Douglas O. Richstone 2000-04 Astronomy
Elizabeth L. Sears 2000-04 History of Art
Nancy E. Burns 1997-01 Political Science
Rebecca J. Scott 1996-00 History/Law School
Julie Ellison 1995-99 American Culture/English Language and Literature
Richard P. Bagozzi 1993-97 School of Business Administration
Susan A. Gelman 1993-97 Psychology/Social Sciences
Annemarie Sullivan Palincsar 1993-97 School of Education
Don Herzog 1989-93 Political Science/Law School
Daniel Burns, Jr. 1988-92 Mathematics
Huda Akil 1987-91 Psychiatry/Neuroscience Laboratory/Mental Health Research Institute
Melvin Hochster 1983-88 Mathematics
Hugh L. Montgomery 1979-83 Mathematics
Former Senior Fellows No Longer At the University Of Michigan
Michael Awkward 2017-21 English Language and Literature/Afroamerican and African Studies
Xiaobing Tang 2017-19 Asian Languages and Cultures/Comparative Literature
Paul Edwards 2016-17 School of Information/History
Gabrielle Hecht 2016-17 History
Martha Jones 2015-17 History/Afroamerican and African Studies
Charles R. Doering 2014-18 Physics/Mathematics/Complex Systems
Raymond A. Silverman 2014-18 History of Art/Afroamerican and African Studies
Nancy Rose Hunt 2014-16 History/Medical School
Robert M. Bradley 2013-17 Biologic and Materials Sciences
Leela Fernandes 2013-17 Women’s Studies/Political Science
Francis X. Blouin 2012-16 School of Information/History
Daphna R. Oyserman 2012-13 School of Social Work/Psychology
Susan L. Siegfried 2012-16 History of Art
Judith Temkin Irvine 2011-15 Anthropology
Anita Norich 2011-15 English Language and Literature/Judaic Studies
Vassilios Lambropoulos 2010-14 Classical Studies
Dena Goodman 2009-13 History/Women’s Studies
Vijayan N. Nair 2009-13 Statistics/Industrial and Operations Engineering
Philip J. Deloria 2008-12 History/American Culture
Carol A. Fierke 2008-12 Chemistry
Sidonie Smith 2008-12 English Language and Literature
Celeste A. Brusati 2007-11 History of Art/Women’s Studies
Deborah Goldberg 2007-11 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
John Mitani 2007-11 Anthropology
Richard R. Neubig 2007-11 Medical School/Pharmacology
Mamadou Diouf 2006-07 History
Martha E. Pollack 2006-07 Computer Science and Engineering
Carla M. Sinopoli 2006-10 Museum of Anthropology
David Engelke 2005-09 Biological Chemistry
Bram van Leer 2005-09 Aerospace Engineering
James L. M. Ferrara 2004-08 Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
Alexander D. Potts 2004-08 History of Art
Charles F. Yocum 2004-08 Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
Anthony H. Francis 2003-07 Chemistry
Pamela A. Raymond 2003-07 Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
Simon Gikandi 2002-04 Comparative Literature
Paula Allen-Meares 2002-06 School of Social Work
Stephen W. Raudenbush 2001-05 School of Education
J. David Velleman 2001-05 Philosophy
Gillian Feeley-Harnik 2000-04 Anthropology
Nancy K. Florida 2000-04 Asian Languages and Cultures
Richard O. Lempert 2000-02 Law School/Sociology
Julia Adams 1999-02 Sociology
Lincoln B. Faller 1999-03 English Language and Literature
George A. Kaplan 1999-03 School of Public Health, Epidemiology
Rudolf Mrázek 1999-03 History
Nancy Reame 1999-03 School of Nursing, Reproductive Sciences
Peter D. Sparling 1999-03 Department of Dance, School of Music
Julian Adams 1998-01,02-03 Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
John F. Cherry 1998-02 Classical Art and Architecture Program/Classical Studies
Claudia Kent 1998-02 Biological Chemistry
Andrew W. Mead 1998-02 School of Music
Randolph M. Nesse 1998-02 Psychiatry/Psychology/Institute for Social Research
William Rosenberg 1998-02 History
Paul N. Courant 1997-01 Economics/School of Public Policy
Stephen Darwall 1997-01 Philosophy/Honors Program
Rowena Matthews 1997-01 Biological Chemistry, Biophysics Research Division
Carl Simon 1997-01 Complex Systems/Mathematics/Economics/School of Public Policy
Piotr A. Michalowski 1997-02 Near Eastern Studies
J. Frank Yates 1997-01 Psychology/School of Business Administration
Stephen S. Easter, Jr. 1996-01 Biology
Alice Fulton 1996-00 English Language and Literature
Thomas A. Green 1996-00 Law School/History
Michael A. Marletta 1996-00 College of Pharmacy, Biological Chemistry
Sheldon H. Danziger 1995-99 School of Social Work/School of Public Policy
Nicholas B. Dirks 1995-97 Anthropology
Stephen Lee 1995-98 Chemistry
Gordon L. Kane 1994-98 Physics
Richard E. Nisbett 1994-98 Psychology/Institute for Social Research
Norman Yoffee 1994-98 Near Eastern Studies/Museum of Anthropology:
Judith O. Becker 1993-97 School of Music/Center for Southeast Asian Studies
L. Ross Chambers 1993-97 Romance Languages and Literatures/Comparative Literature
Jack Dixon 1993-97 Biological Chemistry
Sherman A. James 1993-97 School of Public Health, Epidemiology
Phoebe C. Ellsworth 1992-96 Law School/Psychology/Institute for Social Research
Philip J. Hanlon 1992-96 Mathematics/Office of the Provost
Lemuel Johnson 1992-96 English Language and Literature
James Turner 1992-96 History
Sabine MacCormack 1991-95 History
Stephen M. Pollock 1991-95 Industrial and Operations Engineering
Kenneth E. Warner 1991-95 School of Public Health
Martin Joseph Powers 1991-92; 94-97 History of Art
Allan F. Gibbard 1990-94 Philosophy
Laurence A. Goldstein 1990-94 English Language and Literature
Thomas M. Kavanagh 1990-93 Romance Languages and Literatures
Bobbi S. Low 1990-94 School of Natural Resources and the Environment
Sherry Ortner 1990-94 Anthropology/Women’s Studies
Michael Savageau 1990-94 Microbiology
Karl E. Weick 1990-93 School of Business Administration/Psychology
Homer A. Neal 1989-92 Physics
Sarah Winans Newman 1989-93 Anatomy and Cell Biology
A.K. Ramanujan 1989-90 Asian Languages and Cultures/Comparative Literature
George Shirley 1989-94 School of Music
Rolena Adorno 1988-92 Romance Languages and Literatures
David Hollinger 1988-92 History/American Culture
William I. Miller 1988-93 Law School
Richard Alexander 1987-90 Biology/Museum of Zoology
Thomas Crow 1987-91 History of Art
Patricia Gurin 1987-90 Psychology/Institute for Social Research/Women’s Studies
Sarah Humphreys 1987-90 History/Anthropology
Richard Wrangham 1987-89 Anthropology
Thomas M. Donahue 1985-87 Atmospheric and Oceanic Science/Physics
Frederick C. Neidhardt 1985-89 Microbiology and Immunology
John G. Pedley 1985-88 Classical Archaeology
Glenn Watkins 1985-89 School of Music
Douglas R. Hofstadter 1985-88 Psychology and Cognitive Science
Robert Axelrod 1984-87 Political Science/School of Public Policy
Martha Vicinus 1984-87 English Language and Literature, Sweetland Writing Center
Robert F. Berkhofer 1983-87 History/American Culture
George P. Garrett 1983-84 English Language and Literature
Philip D. Gingerich 1983-87 Geological Sciences, Museum of Paleontology
John H. Holland 1983-88 Psychology/Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Domna C. Stanton 1983-88 Romance Languages and Literatures/Women’s Studies
William Bolcom 1981-85 School of Music
Elaine Gazda 1981-85 Classical Art and Archaeology/History of Art/Kelsey Museum
Luis Gomez 1981-85 Asian Languages and Cultures/Psychology
Robert P. Kirshner 1981-85 Astronomy
Myron Levine 1981-85 Human Genetics
James N. Morgan 1981-85 Economics/Institute for Social Research
Joseph Vining 1981-85 Law School
Joseph Blotner 1979-83 English Language and Literature
Arthur W. Burks 1979-86 Electrical Engineering and Computer Science/Psychology
Robbins Burling 1979-83 Anthropology/Linguistics
William Higuchi 1979-82 College of Pharmacy
Louise Tilly 1979-83 History/Women’s Studies
Leslie Bassett 1977-81 School of Music
Horace W. Davenport 1977-81 Physiology
Frederick W. Gehring 1977-81 Mathematics
Ali Mazrui 1977-81 Political Science
Terrance Sandalow 1977-81 Law School
Judith M. Bardwick 1975-79 Psychology
Alton L. Becker 1975-78 Linguistics
John H. Broomfield 1975-79 History
Vincent Massey 1975-78 Biological Chemistry
Frances E. Svensson 1975-79 Political Science
Bernard W. Agranoff 1973-78 Biological Chemistry
John Atkinson 1973-74 Psychology
Diane Kirkpatrick 1973-78 History of Art
John Platt 1973-74 Biophysics
Francis A. Allen 1972-73 Law
Rowland Davis 1971-75 Botany
Marvin Eisenberg 1971-73 History of Art
Samuel Krimm 1971-75 Physics/Macromolecular Science and Engineering
Stanley Cain 1970-71 Conservation
Donald Hall 1970-75 English Language and Literature
John Higham 1970-72 History
James Neel 1970-72 Human Genetics