Boqun Zhou

Boqun Zhou received his PhD in the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago in 2019. His research covers early Chinese intellectual history and paleography, with special emphasis on integrating new manuscript discoveries in the past few decades into the critical reexamination of history and thought. Currently he is working on two book projects. The first one, titled The Mechanical Mind: Metaphor, Body and Technology in Early China, studies the impact of Warring States mechanical technology on the development of ethical, social, and political theories, focusing on the extensive use of mechanical metaphors in Mohist, Confucian, Daoist, and Legalist texts. The second project is a critical translation and study of three ancient bamboo manuscripts housed at Tsinghua University and published only a few years ago. These texts all concern Tang, the legendary Shang king, and his famous minister Yi Yin, providing a new window on the literary and cultural world of ancient China.