Yasmin Moll

Appointment: 2014 to 2017

Yasmin Moll is a cultural anthropologist of the Middle East specializing in religion and media. Her current book project explores Islamic television channels as prominent sites of cultural and political contestations within the Egyptian Islamic Revival over the last decade. The book ethnographically charts how such contestations play out through the production strategies and audience imaginations of one channel’s Islamic media-makers and television preachers. The novel forms of religious media they create literally materialize conflicting moral visions for the “New Egypt” in ways that trouble the utility of a secular-religious binary for understanding the country’s turbulent trajectory since the 2011 revolution. Building on this ethnography, the book manuscript historically maps “Islamic media” as a contingent category within changing transnational political economies and their attendant ideologies of mediation. Yasmin’s latest research project approaches questions of technology, violence and political mobilization through emerging forms of digital documentation and grassroots activism in (counter)revolutionary Egypt, situating such practices within a longer history of documentary filmmaking in the Arab region.